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Rental Property Insurance

Rental Property Insurance Information

What is rental property insurance?

Rental Home InsuranceRenting out property can be a lucrative business, especially if you own several properties. While residents have certain responsibilities, it is the landlord’s job to protect the property. Rental propertinsurance covers buildings, fences, sheds and liability risks. Think of this coverage as a blanket that falls over the residents’ renters insurance. With both policies in force, you and your tenants are protected from various financial risks.

What can rental property insurance do for you?

Even though you may not live in your rental properties, you still need to provide a safe environment for your tenants. While rental fees cover regular maintenance, you may face larger restoration costs after a fire or severe storm. Rental property insurance can help pay for those repair bills with fair rental value coverage. Fair rental value covers you if the tenants can no longer reside on the property due to a loss, you will be reimbursed for the lost rents you incur until the property is livable again.

Purchasing rental properties is a big investment. Like any business it is important to protect that investment from unforeseen events.

Get started!

Our agents are ready to assist you. We search our network of insurance providers on your behalf to find the best combination of policy and price. Don't let yourself be held liable for damage that happens to your rental or investment property when you aren't there. We will assist you in putting together a Texas rental home insurance package tailored to protect your investment and your property at a cost you can afford. Please contact us at (877) 868-8063 or (281) 395-5497 for information on obtaining a rental home insurance policy or simply request a quote below. 

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