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Malpractice Insurance

Malpractice Insurance Information

Professional LiabilityWhat is malpractice insurance?

Malpractice insurance, also known as professional liability insurance, covers doctors, nurses, surgeons, dentists and other business professionals in the event of a malpractice lawsuit. Malpractice is a medical error that has resulted in an adverse outcome, such as injury or death. In a malpractice lawsuit, the error must be proven to have been caused by negligence or a departure from the standard of care. Malpractice insurance compensates legal fees, regardless of fault, and any damages awarded.

With liability lawsuits on the rise in recent years, medical professionals remain at risk. A lawsuit can mean financial ruin both professionally and personally, including the loss of homes, cars and careers. Malpractice insurance protects your practice and can offset the risk and cost of these events.

Those in the medical industry are always at risk for liability lawsuits, especially in recent years. Any lawsuit could result in a blow to a medical professional's personal or commercial life. Getting Malpractice insurance ensures that you'll be protected by any financial damage.

The types of malpractice insurance

For malpractice insurance, there are basically two types. The difference in each form of coverage isn't in what they cover, but the how and when.
  • Occurrence: This takes care of claims that are filed when your coverage is active. A claim can be reported at any time, even after the policy’s cancellation. Coverage is available with the terms and conditions in effect at the time of the claimed incident.
  • Claims-made: This covers insurance claims that happen on or after the retroactive date (the first day claims-made coverage begins) and before the policy is cancelled.

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