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When potential employees are searching for jobs, one of the biggest perks or selling points is health insurance. Having a good health insurance plan can be the difference between hiring someone or losing them to a competitor. Don't get left out. G & H Financial Insurance Services will help you attract workers on the job market and keep them at your business.

Here are the options you have to keep your employees covered:

Group Health InsurancePreferred Provider Organization (PPO) Plans

A preferred provider organization is a common plan of health insurance that many business go with. This plan gives your employees options, allowing them to look at a group of providers to pick from. Employees can pick a doctor to see that isn't in the same network but picking one from inside will help employees save money.

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Plans

A health maintenance organization plan falls on the opposite end of the spectrum compared to a PPO plan. A HMO requires employees to see doctors in the network provided.

Point of Service (POS) Plans

A point of service plan hits the sweet spot between a HMO and PPO plan. In a POS plan the employees have to have a primary doctor but they can see a doctor that's outside the plan's network, offering qualities similar to HMO and PPO.

Health Savings Account (HSA) Plans

A health savings account allows employees to take out a tax-free part of their paychecks to an account. The funds will then carry over each year if not used. The money in this account can be used for most medical services the employees need.

Dental coverage is also available through most health care plans.

For more information on group health insurance and how you can make your workplace a more attractive place for employees, call G & H Insurance at (877) 868-8063 or (281) 395-5497 or just fill out and submit our online form to receive a quote.

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