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Dwelling Landlord Insurance

Dwelling landlord insurance is the recognized coverage choice for those looking to safeguard their rental properties, seasonal and secondary homes, and other residences without permanent occupancy. Landlord insurance differs from homeowner's insurance in that the policy holder must be a permanent resident to qualify for homeowner's insurance. Those in need of landlord insurance policies include landlords, investment property owners, and people who own properties that are currently vacant, including homes under construction. G & H will provide you with the landlord insurance coverage possible.

A landlord policy can provide multiple levels of coverage and can include coverage for the following categories, which can be personalized to your individual needs.

  1. The Dwelling

    This coverage applies directly to your rental property. In the event of a covered loss, payments would be made to this coverage to repair the property.

  2. Other Structures

    This covers other buildings located on your property — such as garages, sheds, gazebos or barns — with similar protections to those you receive under dwelling coverage.

  3. Contents

    Any contents owned by the landlord but kept on the rental property would be eligible to be protected by this coverage. This coverage applies to any contents stored by the landlord on the property as well as any furnishings provided by the landlord to the tenants.

  4. Fair Rental Value

    If the tenants can no longer on the property because of a loss, we'll reimburse you for the lost rents you incur until the property is livable again.

  5. Liability

    If an accident occurs on your property which causes personal injury or property damage to others, general liability coverage can protect you. This coverage can be provided in varying amounts, and it includes the cost of defending yourself against potential lawsuits.

  6. Medical Payments to Others

    This coverage helps to pay for the medical expenses of anyone injured on the property, regardless of who is at fault.

Here are some perils our dwelling landlord insurance policies can cover:
  • Fire and smoke damage
  • Ice and sleet damage
  • Hail and lightning damage
  • Explosions
  • Vandalism, burglaries, and civil disturbances
  • Damage caused by aircraft or other vehicles

Don't let yourself be held liable for damage that happens to your rental or investment property when you aren't there. The agents at G & H will assist you in putting together a Texas rental home insurance package tailored to protect your investment and your property at a cost you can afford. Please contact us at (877) 868-8063 or (281) 395-5497 for information on obtaining a rental home insurance policy or simply request a quote below.

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