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Inland Marine Insurance

If you decide to get a pretty normal property insurance policy, that mostly covers the assets at your physical business address. But not all business conduct their business in one building. If you're moving out and about and bring along equipment and other materials in addition, inland marine coverage might be the policy for you. This policy covers the expensive equipment you take on the job.

With a strong team of local specialists and dedicated inland marine underwriters, we can help you ensure that your property is protected not only at your location but also while it is on the road, in temporary storage, or otherwise off-site.

Different Types of Coverage

No matter what type of business you have, we can help you find the right plan that fits you. Some of those potential coverages include:
  • Bailee's customer: Protects your clients' property when left in your care
  • Builder's risk: Protects structures and materials during new construction projects or renovations
  • Commercial computer: Provides protection for servers and computers, including laptops
  • Contractor's equipment: Safeguards machinery and tools at job sites, your storage yard, and points in between
  • Exhibition and fine arts: Keeps items on display protected while on exhibition, in transit, and on loan
  • Installation floater: Can cover the materials of your trade from the moment they are loaded onto the truck until they are accepted, put to use, or installed
  • Transit: Provides protection for your goods while they are in transit to another location

Don't worry about how to get your inland marine insurance. You can get it for your business by itself or include it with other coverage options. Whatever works best for your business.

G & H Financial Insurance represents some of the best insurance companies in the country, and we can provide the best insurance at a competitive price. Please call (877) 868-8063 or (281) 395-5497 to learn more about the policies we provide, or just click the button below to receive a quote.

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